Pet Sitting – Yuba City, CA

If you’re looking for a Pet Sitter or Pet Sitting Service in Yuba City, CA, then you’ve come to the right place. At Yuba Sutter Pet Sitters we service all of Yuba City and all neighboring cities within Sutter and Yuba Counties. With so many people traveling these days, it’s always good to know that you have a dependable and caring company that you can rely on to care for your pets.

What Makes Yuba Sutter Pet Sitters Different?

We start by having an initial visit which allows us to meet with you and your pets. Unlike other pet sitting services, we know that each customer has different pet sitting tasks. It’s for that reason that our prices are based on our customer’s needs. Unlike other pet sitting services which charge more for little things like feeding two cats instead of one, we take into the account the number of times we need to visit each day and the amount of time we need to spend at each visit. The goal is to have you call us each time you need a pet sitter in Yuba City. It’s for that reason we keep our pet sitting costs low and our service high.

Other things that make our Pet Sitting Services unique is that we go over and beyond in making sure you and your pets are comfortable. Like sending you a text or email of your pet and your secure home after we leave. It’s something we would like ourselves so why not make you comfortable as well.

The key to success in any business is simply how you treat your customers. We know that and are committed to being your one source for all your pet sitting needs.

Please give us a call today to setup an free initial pet sitting appointment. Let us know of you have any comments below.



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