Got Pet Separation Anxiety?

Does you pet have separation anxiety? Well who doesn’t. We love our pets and they love us. We hate to be apart. We understand this and do our best to provide the same love you do while taking care of your pet.

Here are some helpful tips to make your time apart less stressful…

  • If you’re pet is used to being around lots of people, consider leaving the TV or radio on. The sound of voices tends to make them more comfortable especially if you have the TV on a lot while home.
  • Make sure to leave your smell easily accessible. Consider making your bed and leaving your pajamas on the bed or chair. Our pets have a high sense of smell, leaving articles of worn clothing for them to lay on makes them more comfortable while we’re away.
  • Leave some lights on. Studies have show that like us, pets generally don’t like to left alone in the dark. Consider leaving the hall light or bedroom light on. The amount of energy spent is well worth the comfort of our pets.
  • Make sure to bring out a favorite toy. When we leave our pets know it. Depending on the personality of your pet, some will tear up our slippers, others get depressed – either that – they know you’re not there. Having their favorite pet toy for them to play with or take out their aggressions is a smart thing to consider.

The best solution next to you being there is the comfort of another human being. That’s why finding a pet sitter is your pets are comfortable with is so important. We know that our pets love people, while it’s not a replacement, having a pet sitter willing to spend a while with your pets and show them affection is by far the next best solution.

We hope you find these tips helpful and please be sure to share some of your own tips below.


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