Pet Sitting – Yuba City, CA


If you're looking for a Pet Sitter or Pet Sitting Service in Yuba City, CA, then you've come to the right place. At Yuba Sutter Pet Sitters we service all of Yuba City and all neighboring cities within Sutter and Yuba Counties. With so many people traveling these days, it's always good to know that you have a dependable and caring company that you can rely on to care for your pets. What Makes Yuba Sutter Pet Sitters Different? We start by having an initial visit which allows us to meet with you and your pets. Unlike other pet sitting services, we know that each customer has different pet sitting tasks. It's for that reason that our … [Read more...]

Got Pet Separation Anxiety?


Does you pet have separation anxiety? Well who doesn't. We love our pets and they love us. We hate to be apart. We understand this and do our best to provide the same love you do while taking care of your pet. Here are some helpful tips to make your time apart less stressful... If you're pet is used to being around lots of people, consider leaving the TV or radio on. The sound of voices tends to make them more comfortable especially if you have the TV on a lot while home. Make sure to leave your smell easily accessible. Consider making your bed and leaving your pajamas on the bed or chair. Our pets have a high sense of smell, … [Read more...]

Tips Before Hiring A Pet Sitter


Here are some great tips before hiring a pet sitter. Remember that the person you're thinking of hiring should be an extension of you. In how you would treat your home and your pets. Age Consideration of your Pet Sitter Well over 90% of pet sitters are between the ages of 17 and 22. Sure there are some responsible young adults out there, but most pet sitters in this age group are simply looking for a way to supplement their income as either baby sitters or pet sitters. Most haven't owned a home, made mortgage payments, had their own children, or even their own pets. Most don't understand the responsibility that come with entering someone's … [Read more...]